Saturday, December 20, 2008

#52: I love snowflakes!

I have an awful lot of snowflake and snowflake-themed stamps, but since I don't make my own Christmas cards, they don't see as much use as they should. I love to incorporate them into other types of cards, like this get-well card for a co-worker.
Here's the cover: .... and then a small scan of the inside:

The card is 6"x6" and I think all the stamps are from various $1.00 bins.

The round snowflake punch is an old one from All Night Media, and the snowflake border punch on either side of the "Get Well Soon" is Martha Stewart's embossing border punch. (Note to self: The embossing shows on the underside of the cardstock, so put the cardstock into the punch upside down....)

The wonderful sparkly chipboard letters are from the Dollar Spot at Target-- some of the prettiest I've ever seen! I only got two packages, so I'll definitely need to make a return trip for more, now that I've seen what a nice touch they add.

Hope all your holiday plans are coming together. Try not to stress, OK?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

#51: Why is it...?

The more stuff I have, the less stuff I create? Sheesh, I don't think my hobby is stamping/card-making anymore....I think it's collecting stamping/cardmaking stuff.

Do I love all my stuff? Yep, unreservedly! Do I use my stuff? Er....not so much. I should be ashamed. Should be, mind you, but I'm not. Every once in a while, I go into a flurry of creating and then I'm so happy with myself, I remember why I started all this!

I've also realized that my favorite creations never make it to the blog because I am a card-carrying crappy photographer. If it doesn't scan, it doesn't appear here. And even if it does appear here, it's a little pathetic. But pathetic can be kinda cute, too! (example follows...)


Penguin & Happy Birthday stamps from various dollar bins. My expensive stamps are carefully stored and I have a hard time remembering where... which is why I use my dollar stamps, mostly.